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Kentucky Adventures



Illustrations by Malinda A. Raines


Retail Price: $6.99

Publisher's Discounted Price: $5.59




Four children travel back in time by playing the "What If?" game. Their adventures are only imaginary...or are they?


When David, Christy, Mary Beth and Slicker volunteer on an archeological dig, they find the work of sifting dirt through a screen tedious and boring. That is, until they are introduced to the “What If?” game. What if that piece of rock is really a broken arrowhead carved by a primitive man 10,000 years ago? What if that man had a daughter their age? What if that primitive girl left the arrowhead there for them to find?


Join four friends as they travel around Kentucky having “What If?” adventures. You might be surprised to discover, as they did, that history is a lot more interesting when you meet the people who lived it.

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Which Witch Thumbnail.jpg?1340829847792

Which Witch

a Fun to be One Club Adventure


Amy Barkman


Retail Price: $10.99

Publisher's Discounted Price: $8.79

No doubt who is the bully. No doubt who are the friends. But WHICH is the WITCH casting spells in Danny Acorn's new school?


And what is the Fun to be One Club? Are they the cause of everyone falling asleep - and worse - in the classroom? Danny spies on a meeting of the Fun to be One Club to find out. Is it boring? Or is it just what he's been waiting for?


"This book is a great illustration of spiritual warfare - fictionalized and in easy-to-read form."

~ Tommy Hays, Messiah Ministries

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The Last Christmas Cookie


Virginia Smith


Retail Price: $9.49

Publisher's Discount Price: $7.65


When Mama awakes in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve with a hankering for a chocolate chip cookie, she sneaks down the stairs to help herself to one of the treats left for Santa. But she discovers that Santa is already there, and there's only one cookie left! Fiction veteran Virginia Smith tells a charming Christmas story that's sure to become a holiday favorite in The Last Christmas Cookie.

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